The Sounds of My Heart

First of all, i want to say sorry for the bad grammar. Exactly i am still studying english. So, if there are something wrong, feel free to correct me. 

Here, i want to write something what i feel in few month. Exactly, since i met someone who (i think) cares to me. 

In reality, his attitude is far away from cares.

He is rude. And always say with cursed word.

I don't know 'love' is like that. 

I know, that his condition is not as luck as me. I know that, before he met me, he was in good condition. Good finance, and good family. But i don't know hows he at that time.

Also, he don't know about me before. 

How i lived with my salary just IDR 800K. He don't know how hard i looking for job. He don't know how i deal about what i have to study.

He don't know how hard my past.

So, he come to my life that my life was neat.

He is so temperament. i am doing nothing is wrong to him. I am doing self-defense because i felt hurt. 

He always say "dog", "son of a bitch", and others that hurts me.

Really hurts me.

I don't know what i have to be done.

Everything i do is wrong. Maybe i breathe is wrong.

I know he's stressed but he don't have to blame me in everything. Not my fault he bankrupt. Not my fault he loose.

I accept him in all condition, i help him as much as i can.

But, like this his response?

He angry, is my fault he says. In fact, he is angry because his mind.

He says i always  with him because he is poor. But i never mind about it. I never doing that. I never humble him. 

Why he always hurts me? Just WHY?

I need help. Need help to free from him. To live with normal life. Not with him again.

Help me.

Exactly, i need help. Lot of help.....



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    1. exactly! everything is over, dude. i hope i get a better life and better someone wkakaakakak